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    As first project Mohsin Eye Bank was formed in 2001 and took up eye banking and eye donation, all these 17 years and promoted elated activities for last 17 years. Promotion of eye donation, corneal retrieval all 24 hours, Tissue processing at eye bank, quality check up for healthy donor cornea done by examination with slit lamp and Specular Microscope and serological testing and supplying healthy donor tissue to corneal surgeons and 30 hospitals. So far retrieved 7453+ corneas and helped corneal transplants by distributing to corneal surgeons ultimately helping 4248+ corneal transplants with restoration of vision thus relieving in blindness in individuals.


    1. Collected 7453+corneas and helped to restore vision to 4248+corneally blind persons.
    2. Mohsin Eye Bank situated at L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Visakhapatnam premises.
    3. Mohsin Eye Bank working as a Community Eye Bank, has been distributingtissues to corneal surgeons and hospitals like Visakha Eye Hospital, L.V.PrasadEye Institute Visakhapatnam, Regional Eye Hospital, Max Vision, Vision Care Centre, Sankar Foundation EyeHospital, OEU Lions Eye Hospital Gariwidi and Goutami Eye Hospital, Rajahmundry.
    4. We are supply health donor Cornea tissues to 30 hospitals outside states.
    5. 25% - 30% of tissues retrieval given to LV Prasad Eye institute free of charge for poor Patients.
    6. We have been distributing tissues to Regional Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam for Training and Research purpose. Free of Charge.
    7. Conducted 365 Audiovisual Programmes for various sections of society as part of awareness creation. On Eye Care, Eye Donation, Eye Banking.
    8. Participated in public functions Fetes, Jataras at sports grounds in generalExhibitions, Melas, Visakha Utsav, Flower Shows etc. to interact and educatepeople, so far conducted 65 programmes.
    9. Two workshops conducted for the Doctors, Ophthalmologists and hospitaladministrators on "Corneal Blindness & Cornea retrieval process. One asconducted at Southern Region level.
    10. Conducted CME programme to Eye Specialists in Costal A.P. on "Eye Banking,corneal processing and Keratoplasty Surgery".
    11. Successfully conducted various programmes as mentioned above with special thrust in the specified "Eye Donations Fortnights" in September every year in last 17 years as per the guide lines of "eye bank association of India" all over the country and 17 Anniversary functions.
    12. Conducted round table discussion on "MULTI ORGAN DONATION &EUTHANASIA" in the presence of public audience where in experts fromMedicine, Legal, NGO's representatives, Media persons and prominent PublicRepresentatives participated and discussed about the above subject.
    13. Conducted seminar on Transplantation Immunology, Corneal Transplantation, Kidney transplantation and Transfusion Medicine - an emerging discipline in the presence of HOD's, Professors, Asst. Professors, Post Graduates, House Surgeons and Under Graduates of Andhra Medical College.
    14. Motivated the public in involving them in our activities by becoming "Friends of Eye Bank" totaling 720 so far.
    15. We have got "Specular Microscope". This instrument donated by AMCANA, USA.
    16. We have got KONAN "Specular Microscope".This instrument donated by Visakhapatnam Port Trust Second new one as Corporate Social Responsibility.
    17. We have got Maruthi Eccho Ambulance, Audio Visual System (Screen, Projector, Stand, Wireless Dongular) donated by Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (RINL) as Corporate Social Responsibility.
    18. Entered into an M.O.U. with K.G.Hospital, Apollo, CARE, Indus, Apoorva andQueens NRI, OMNI RK, Seven Hills, Manipal Hospitals in carrying our "Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme (HCRP)".
    19. The Department of Income Tax is pleased to give 80 G facility to all financial Donor's to our trust. We have submitted Tax return all these 17 years.
    20. The Government of India has extended the facility of donation in foreign exchange from the donors to the VEBART TRUST under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 with Registration number 010350170 (FCRA).Submitted return to Central Government.
    21. We have satellite centers at Salur, Srikakulam, Parvathipuram and Vizianagaram, and we are getting tissues from Anakapalli and Narsipatnam. We would like to develop others also as satellite centers.
    22. Accredited by Govt. of Andhrapradesh.
    23. A Member of Eye Bank Association of India.
    24. Mohsin Eye Bank, one of the leading eye bank in India is managed by the VEBART (Visakhapatnam Eye Banking, Research and Training, Regd No: 74/2001) Trust which was established in the year 2001 by the leading Ophthalmologists and Philanthropists of Visakhapatnam City. Mohsin Eye Bank is a voluntary, Non-profit making, Community service organization started with a vision to promote eye donation and eye banking in and around Visakhapatnam district.
    25. Registered under The Transplantation of Human Organs Act (HOTA), Govt. of India 1994 and State Govt. of A.P. Act 1995 and strictly follows the norms of the Act. The primary mission of the trust is to eliminate corneal blindness to the maximum possible extent and to restore sight and hope to all in need through eye donation and cornea transplantations.



    S.No Activities Number
    1. Corneas Retrieval 7506
    2. Helped Cornea Transplantations 4282
    3. Audio Visual Programmes 365
    4. Publicity Campaigns 62
    5. Eye Donation Fortnights 17
    6. Workshops 4
    7. Awareness Programs 20
    8 Anniversaries 17
    9 Satellite centers 6
    10 Information centers 5
    11 HCRP Programmes in Hospitals 10